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Fire Weather

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SLOweather Streaming Fire Scanner

Fire season is here and the SLOweather streaming audio fire scanner is back.

To listen in AAC+ stereo in WinAmp, click HERE.

The "left" channel receiver scans mainly SLO County Fire, SLO County CDF , and the Los Padres National Forest.  The "right" channel receiver is generally locked on San Luis Obispo City Fire, but may be changed at any  time to another channel for an active incident.

The stream's comparatively low bit rate and use of ShoutCast servers tends to make for a large audio buffer. This means that if you listen to a live scanner and our feed at the same time, our audio will be delayed by up to a minute or so.

If you are using Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player may have already started. The WMP format is mono.  
If it does not start playing automatically after the page loads, click on the  Play button on the player, which requires Windows Media Player on your computer.

If you have trouble with this page, please let us know through the SLOweather Contact page. If you are already listening to another audio stream, this one may replace it, or be mixed with it.

When there are no incidents being handled, there won't be anything to hear. This isn't like AM/FM radio.

The stream is currently limited to 10 concurrent listeners.

Because of the nature of scanning receivers, it's entirely possible to miss radio traffic on one channel because the radio is scanning or is receiving a transmission on another channel.

We're still wringing out the system, working on the antenna, and the channel lineup. Availability may be limited.

If you have any comments, please use our contact form to email us.

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